International security monthly - 24

Regional Institutionalization and Regime-Building by China: building a new regional order/ Vahid Ghorbani

The Taiwanese Position in Sino-US Relations Under Trump/ Mahdi Farazi

EU Policy Towards China: scenarios for survival/ Abed Akbari

The South Korean Strategy Towards Increasing US-China Rivalry/ Mohammad Javad Ghahremani

Iran-China relations in the 25-Year Cooperation Program/ Bahram Amirahmadian

The Role of the Belt and Road Initiative in China’s Neutrality in the Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict/ Reza Azizi

An Analysis of the Chinese Stance on Multilateralism in Resolving Global Issues in the Light of Reduced US Commitments/ Tahmoores Gholami

China and the Modernization of the Armed Forces: From Mechanization of Units to Building AI-based Weapons/ Ramin Nadimi