International security monthly - 33

Special Edition: The Challenges of Taliban Governance

The Whys of How the Taliban Assumed Power Again/ Mohammad Musa Jafari

Interorganizational Challenges of the New Taliban Governance/ Mohammad Shafagh Kahvati

The Legitimacy Challenges of Taliban Governance/ Mohammad Esmaeil Ammar

Critical Assessment of Taliban Administration/ Mohammad yahya Vaghar

Security Challenges Faced by the Taliban/ Mohammad Ghasem Erfani

Economic Crises and Challenges of the Taliban/ Abdolkhalegh Ghasemi

The Sociocultural Trials of the Taliban/ Mohammad Amin Reshadat

The Possibility and Refusal of Change in Taliban Ideology/ Zamen Ali Habibi

Regional and Transregional Approaches to Taliban Return to Power/ Sardar Mohammad Rahimi

How Regional and International Rivalries Affect Taliban Governance/ Mohammad Salem Naji

Taliban Views on the Helmand Water Rights/ ‌Behnam Khosravi

The Prospects of Lasting Peace in Afghanistan Under a Seamless Government/ Mohammad Sharif Heidari