International security monthly - 44

EU Relations with Other Actors – Special Issue

EU Challenges and the Hazy Landscape Ahead/ Abed Akbari

China: From Economic Rival to Systemic Challenge for Europe/ Ehsan Sadeghi Chime

Australia-EU Relations: From Conflict to Cooperation/ Zeinab Farhadi

UK-EU Relations in Light of Geopolitical and Political Compulsions and Volitions/ Hossein Asgariann

From Fixed Principles to Paradigm Shifts in EU-Russia Foreign Relations/ Zohreh Khanmohammadi

EU and Libya: Relations beyond Trade and Peace/ Najmie Pouresmaeili

EU-Pakistan Relations: Strategic Engagement Plan (SEP)/ Somayeh Morovati

The Zionist Regime and EU: Dialectic of Fellowship and Opacity/ Morteza Sedighian