International security monthly - 36

Nowruz Diplomacy and Neighborhood Policy Special Issue

Nowruz Diplomacy at the Service of the Neighborhood Policy/ Alireza Delkhosh

The Role of National Media in Representing the Nowruz Identity Internationally/ Ali Fahim Danesh

The Initiatives and Cultural Policies of Tajikistan in Reviving the Common Nowruz Heritage/ Maroof Jan Abdolrahmanof

Nauroz Festival in Mazar-e Sharif,' The process of Validation between Personal and Public Religiosity/ Omar Sharifi

Omani Niruz and Omani Nowruz: Neighborhood Policy Landscape and Opportunities/ mirjavad mirgalouy bayat

Nowruz and the Heritage of Common Civilization in the Neighborhood Policy/ Seyed Aslar Mousavi

Nowruz: Bonding the Neighborhood Policy /Amir Langaroudi, Ahmad Langaroudi

Nowruz and Intercultural Communication as an Imagemaking Instrument/ Shaker Vaseghi

Nowruz, Cultural Diplomacy and Economic Convergence for the Islamic Republic of Iran/ Morteza Shokri