International security monthly - 7

Drone Hunting and Seizure of British Tanker; A Tactical Action based on Strategic Necessity/ Ali Esmaeili Ardakani

Sanctions against Iran: Opportunities and Threats/ Mohammad Jafari & saeede ahmadi

Global Repercussions of the Cold War between China and the United States: Opportunities for the Islamic Republic of Iran/ Mohammad Hosein Dehghanian

The recent European Parliament Elections: Implications for the West Asia Region/ Abed Akbari

The Prospect of War between Islamic Republic of Iran and Israeli Regime in the Light of new Developments/ Hosein ajorlou

Israel's Political Crisis: Prospect of Coalition Government and Implications for Resistance Axis/ Salman Razavi

Artificial Intelligence and Its Impact on International Security and International Relations/ Ehsan Movahedian

Monthly Meeting Report: Hajj, Islamic Integrity and Future of Integration of Muslim World